Corporate and Business Law



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Course Outline

a) Essential elements of the legal system

1. Law and the legal system
2. Source of law

b) The law of obligations

1. Formation of contract
2. Content of contracts
3. Breach of contract and remedies
4. The law of torts and professional negligence

c) Employment law

1. Contract of employment
2. Dismissal and redundancy

d) The formation and constitution of business organisations

1. Agency law
2. Partnerships
3. Corporations and legal personality
4. The formation and constitution of a company

e) Capital and the financing of companies

1. Share capital
2. Loan capital
3. Capital maintenance and dividend law

f ) Management, administration and the regulation of companies

1. Company directors
2. Other company officers
3. Company meetings and resolutions

g) Insolvency law

1. Insolvency and administration

h) Corporate fraudulent and criminal behaviour

1. Fraudulent and criminal Behaviour

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